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Removing Commercial Water Damage in Highland Park

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

When facing flooding in a business setting, it is imperative to dry out the property right away so that you minimize down time. Contact SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Dry Out Commercial Property

Highland Park flooding can shut a business down for a day, a week, or longer. The water, particularly if it is contaminated, must be removed quickly by a professional service. It reduces the amount of damage, reopens the business, and is preferred by the insurance companies.
When there is a shutdown after commercial water damage, Highland Park businesses need to reopen to support their customers, employees, and owners. When the damage is to a state government office, there is not a threat to the owner or the employees obviously, but the loss of services can still be very detrimental to customers. Despite the jokes we all like to make, SERVPRO knows that if the DMV or the social security office closes for a broken pipe or a backed-up bathroom, it is not funny to anyone needing to title a car or establish benefits.
We begin with a quick inspection to determine the type of water, tools we need, and how many technicians required for the job. Most water damage in municipal or government offices comes from a burst pipe that brought water into the building. The water is clean, meaning it contains no contaminants and requires no special actions or protective gear.
If the damage includes a clogged toilet or a broken, outgoing sewer line, then the water contains some contaminants. This water is gray or black, depending on the amount present. Our work crews wear protective boots at the minimum and in extreme cases, a full protective suit. Before we start to pump out gray or black water, SERVPRO technicians spray an anti-microbial chemical agent on the water surface. Once we remove the water, we spray the chemical agent on all surfaces the water covered.
In these buildings, there are few carpets except in some private offices or waiting areas. If the water was contaminated, we remove them as soon as we can and spray the area underneath with an anti-microbial agent. If the water was clean, technicians use extraction wands to draw out nearly all of it and then move on to drying the facility.
With the threat of contamination removed along with the water, we dry the facility. For any traces of water, we use long-handled squeegees to push it off the floor and outside the building. Finally, we set up fans to draw the damp air outside. To replace it, we install air movers at key points to force warm, dry air across floors and walls. Technicians direct and control the level of this air flow to prevent additional damage while drying everything.
Regardless if it is a government services building or your private business, SERVPRO of Montgomery is here to help reopen the doors to customers. For more information on what our restoration teams can do for you, call us today at (334) 273-0992.

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