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Recovering Documents from Flood Damage | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/24/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Montgomery Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber Home and business owners benefit from SERVPRO® of Montgomery's storm related drying equipment.

A flooded storage area containing all of your relevant documents and invoices from purchases made throughout the year can leave you wondering what to do. It is important to have access to a company with the personnel and resources necessary to perform the services you need when you need them. We can assist you with drying water-damaged books and documents. However, you need to understand that some damages will remain regardless of the technique used in any document restoration process. It is not possible to fully restore paper products to their preloss condition. But that doesn't mean that they stay lost to you forever.

Our team, dispatched to downtown Montgomery's flood problems, specializes in flood damage restoration services, including document drying. It is of particular importance to contact us immediately when documents are involved. These items must be handled quickly and efficiently to minimize the extent of the damage that your documents suffer.

Once on your property, our SERVPRO of Montgomery technicians determine the best method for saving your wet books and papers. We'll need to have a clear line of communication with you throughout the entire process to make quick decisions to prevent further damage. While we cannot reverse any existing damage, we can save your valuable documents from total loss through various techniques.

Air-drying, dehumidification, freeze-drying, vacuum freeze-drying, and vacuum thermal drying are all used to save your belongings. Our document drying service relies on a process of sublimation, changing a solid into a vapor without allowing it to pass through a liquid state.

As your SERVPRO® of Montgomery technician works through the process, the appropriate method for document drying is determined by the materials' value, the type of water involved, the extent of damage, the time of exposure to moisture and the funds you have available for recovery. Each drying method has a different cost associated with the process; document restoration is expensive and time-consuming.

SERVPRO® of Montgomery stores your wet papers and books in a facility designed to stop the damage from continuing, allowing time to decide which drying procedure works for you. We take a complete inventory of any documents removed from your home and keep a log of stored items' locations within our facility. Giving us the ability to locate and retrieve a document quickly.

These services provide you with a way to save your essential papers and cherished books from total loss. But should only be considered if the items in question are irreplaceable due to the cost involved.

Find these services and more at SERVPRO® of Montgomery (334) 273-0992

Should I be Concerned With Severe Weather? | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Storm clouds and lightening with servpro logo SERVPRO® of Montgomery is available for emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us anytime for your fire, water, and storm remediation needs!

There are plenty of things to be concerned with daily, and for many people, planning for severe weather ends up pushed to the sidelines. Though harsh weather conditions can feel like a more abstract concern than a literal one, it is still extremely dangerous.

Responsible for many injuries and fatalities each year, severe weather can cause serious issues—especially for those who have not taken the time to prepare.

Why Should I Be Concerned With Severe Weather?

Severe weather is certainly unpredictable, but it is also unavoidable. Chances are, you will be impacted by a thunderstorm, high winds, or heavy rains at some point, and not acting with safety in mind can put you or your family in harm’s way.

Severe weather causes many issues, from lightning strikes to wind damage and bodily harm. Trees down, power outages, and flooding can all be significant threats to your home or safety. Though we may never be able to know precisely when and where severe weather will strike, preparing for it is the best thing we can do.

How Can You Be Safer in the Event of Severe Weather?

Get a Reliable Weather Update System

If severe weather is possible, local officials will issue watches and warnings accordingly, and being able to tune into these alerts can potentially save a life. Instead of relying on a cell phone, get a battery or hand-powered weather radio so you can tune in even if cell reception becomes spotty due to storms.

Pack a Household Emergency Kit

An emergency kit in the home is a must, as storms can knock out power and floods can knock out utility services. Your kit should have everything your family might need for a few days, including light sources, food, water, and first-aid supplies.

Create an Evacuation Plan

In most instances, you will want to stay put in the event of severe weather—but if you are in the path of a flash flood, you will want to move to higher ground. Make sure you have an evacuation plan if this happens, and practice it as a family beforehand so you can execute it smoothly if you are in danger. Ask SERVPRO® how our Emergency Readiness Plans (ERP) can assist your home or business in a time of weather crisis.

If your home has water damage due to a storm or severe weather, SERVPRO® of Montgomery is Here to help®. You can contact us at 334.284.1612 to learn more about our restoration services or report damage to your home. 

Hurricane Facts and the Dangers They Present | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

picture of a hurricane over the gulf and the southeast states with Servpro logo The aftermath of a hurricane can be destructive and devastating. SERVPRO® of Montgomery is here to help ® with any storm cleanup and restoration.

Hurricanes are among nature's most powerful and destructive phenomena. On average, 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes, form over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico each year. 

The word "hurricane" comes from Huracan, a name for the god of evil on some islands in the Caribbean. Never fear, though; SERVPRO® of Montgomery is here to educate you about hurricane facts and storm dangers. 

Hurricanes are damaging in many ways. On average, hurricanes will travel about 300 miles before dissipating, leaving behind a path of destruction. They can even dump 10 to 15 inches of rain on the areas they pass over, causing mass flooding and water damage. 

We often see news coverage of physical damage and displaced families. Sadly sometimes, we also see reports of injuries and casualties. Hurricanes have caused approximately 1.9 million fatalities worldwide over the past 200 years. Ninety percent of hurricane-related deaths result from storm surges, reaching over 20 feet high and extending nearly one hundred miles. Hurricanes cause more fatalities than any other type of storm.

However, when the news coverage ends, a looming uncertainty and the reality of rebuilding your future remains. 

The frequency of extreme weather events is taking its toll on many areas and industries across the nation, and Alabama is no exception. Our state alone has suffered from 83 tropical storms and cyclones in the last 20 years. We have also experienced three significant hurricanes that directly hit our coast.

While hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and depressions also can be devastating. Storm surges, inland flooding from heavy rains, destructive winds, tornadoes, and high rip currents can be primary hazards.

Storm Dangers To Be Aware Of: 

  • Storm surges are historically the leading cause of hurricane-related deaths in the United States.
  •  Storm surges can travel inland, especially along bays, rivers, and estuaries. 
  •  Flooding from heavy rains is the second leading cause of fatalities from landfalling tropical cyclones. Flooding can persist for days after a storm has dissipated. 
  • High winds can destroy buildings and manufactured homes. Signs, roofing material, and other items left outside can become flying missiles during storms. 
  • Tornadoes can accompany landfalling tropical cyclones. These tornadoes typically occur in rain bands far from the storm's center. 

Hurricane Facts: 

  • Hurricanes in the Southern Hemisphere spin clockwise while hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere turn counterclockwise.
  • The right side of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere is often more assertive regarding winds, tornadoes, and supercells. 
  • A hurricane makes "landfall" when its center, not its edge, crosses the coastline. 
  • Hurricanes never combine to form one stronger storm. However, the storms may circle each other, known as the Fujiwhara effect. 
  • Hurricane names come from the World Meteorological Organization. Each list repeats every 7th year. However, officials will retire names of hurricanes that have caused many damages or fatalities.
  • The costliest hurricane worldwide is believed to be Hurricane Katrina, with overall damage estimated at over one hundred and fifty billion dollars. 
  • Hurricanes typically last around ten days but can stay alive for several weeks.

Although hurricanes can cause terrible damage, they are essential to Earth's complicated weather system. Like giant fans, they take hot air from the tropics and move it toward the poles. They help balance temperatures and moisture around the Earth. Without hurricanes and other storms, vast areas of the planet would be too hot for animal and human life. 

Dangerous waves produced by a tropical cyclone's strong winds can pose a significant hazard. These waves can cause deadly rip currents, significant beach erosion, and damage to structures along the coastline, even when the storm is more than 1,000 miles offshore. 

If your home or business should sustain water damage from storms or floods, SERVPRO has local technicians on standby 24/7 for emergencies and is ready to handle your restoration needs. Click or call today to find out how we can help when disaster strikes. 

Pop-Up Showers and the Damage They Leave Behind | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Mountains surrounded by clouds and rain with SERVPRO logo  Summertime showers can be last minute and leave a trail of storm damage behind. When the unexpected happens, SERVPRO of Montgomery is Here to help®.

Only a few more weeks, and it will finally be summer! The feeling of sweet sunshine on our skin and laying out by the pool with an ice-cold lemonade in our hand is within reach. Many people consider summer their favorite time of year for a reason. However, summertime also brings strong pop-up showers that can leave destruction behind. SERVPRO of Montgomery is here to tell you how to prepare for the last-minute storms and how we can help.

Summer thunderstorms can “pop up” out of nowhere, thus giving them their name. Most will be harmless and leave that pesky, humid air behind. However, others can leave downed trees, power loss, and cause flash flooding.

Our advice is to remain weather aware. Meteorologists can often predict what is coming. Unfortunately, summer showers do not always give them the advanced notice we would like. So, how do you stay prepared if you are not sure when severe weather will strike? 

  1. Have multiple sources to receive weather alerts. Battery-powered radios, weather apps, and local weather stations are all fantastic assets to have on hand.?
  2. Watch for cumulonimbus and stratocumulus clouds. Learn what each type of cloud means and how to spot signs of potential bad weather.  
  3. Secure all your belongings. High winds can turn unsecured objects into missiles. Loose items such as lawn furniture and children's toys should be stored away when not in use.
  4. Keep your trees ten to fifteen feet away from the house. Seek professional help to cut down trees that are dying or appear unstable. 
  5. Have an emergency kit readily available. Keep first aid items, flashlights, and batteries on hand. It is also a great idea to keep a camp stove nearby that you can use during power outages. 

Thunderstorms, also known as electrical storms or lightning storms, are characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmosphere, known as thunder. Although most thunderstorms are harmless, they can cause massive problems including floods, hail, and roof damage. More potent thunderstorm cells are capable of producing tornadoes and waterspouts.

On average, only ten percent of all severe thunderstorms reach the destructive category each year. Most of these more significant, more intense storms are damaging wind events. During these storms, the most important thing you can do is to remain calm and call a professional, like SERVPRO of Montgomery, when damage occurs. 

Once we receive the call, our teams dispatch immediately to head to your home. Our Crew Chiefs and Production Managers will assess the damage and create a restoration plan unique to your needs. Whether your home is hit by lightning, the roof is caving in, or a tree is not part of your living room décor, SERVPRO is ready to make it “Like it Never Even Happened." 

One of the most complex parts of our jobs is witnessing disastrous events with homes. We may see it every day but watching someone's home get torn apart never gets easier. Our team's work ethic, compassion, and desire to make a difference is our driving force behind assisting our community in their time of need. 

Thunderstorms can be just as destructive as a tornado. Straight-line winds, hail, lightning, and flooding can wreck your home. SERVPRO® of Montgomery is an emergency response team for a reason. We are on stand-by for our communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today to handle all your storm, fire, and water restoration needs.

What to do When Caught in a Lightning Storm | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

lightning strike acros sky over water with SERVPRO logo “Lightning storms pose an imminent threat of harm to yourself and your home. SERVPRO of Montgomery is ready when disaster strikes."

Severe weather has been knocking on our doorstep lately. You have heard us speak about tornadoes and thunderstorms. Now, let’s discuss the dangers of lightning storms and tips and tricks on staying safe. 

Lightning is extremely dangerous. In fact, over the last 30 years, lightning has killed an average of sixty-seven people per year. Most lightning-related deaths are preventable if you take the proper measures.

Remain Weather Alert 

First and foremost, your safety is what matters. Watch the local news to catch forecasts of upcoming severe weather events and be prepared to take shelter if needed. Keep multiple sources nearby to ensure you receive weather alerts. Cancel events when news of potential high-risk weather is coming. Hot, muggy days are just what a thunderstorm needs to breed additional storm cells.

Find Shelter 

When the storm approaches, take shelter. If you detect lightning, it is already close enough to strike. Do not stand under trees or in flat, open spaces. These areas can attract lightning strikes. If you cannot find a building, a vehicle with a metal roof and sides will suffice. The car will conduct electricity around you, not through you.

If you cannot find shelter in a building or a vehicle, find a place where you are shorter than your surroundings. Standing near light poles or isolated objects, lying down on concrete, and leaning on concrete walls should be avoided. Concrete has wire mesh inside the material and will attract lightning. Once you have found somewhere safe, assume the "Lightning crouch" position.

Lightning Crouch

Squat down with your feet together. Tuck your head to your chest or between your knees. Cover your ears or place your hands flat against your knees. Do not lie flat on the ground, giving the lightning a larger target. 

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings 

Stay away from water, such as swimming pools and bathtubs. Do not touch anything electric like outlets or appliances. Do not go near windows or any glass panels. Glass provides a direct path for lightning to travel into. Do not forget to bring your pets inside during a storm. 

Did you know landline phones are the leading cause of lighting-related injuries? Cordless phones and wireless phones are safe for use during a storm.

Be Alert for an Imminent Lightning Strike 

If lightning is about to strike near you, your hair may stand on end, or you may feel a tingling on your skin. Light metal objects may vibrate, and you may hear a cracking sound. If you detect any of these signals, immediately assume the lightning crouch position. Lightning can also travel from one person to another. Ensure you have fifty to one hundred feet between each person when with a group of people. 

What to do When Struck by Lightning 

If someone is struck by lightning, call emergency services first. Despite the common myth, lightning CAN strike the same place twice. Make sure it is safe to help someone if they are struck by lightning. Do not endanger yourself trying to help a victim. Either wait until after the threat has passed or move the victim to a safer location.  

Lightning can cause cardiac arrest and requires aggressive resuscitation methods. Begin CPR on the lightning strike victim immediately. Do not remove burned clothing unless necessary. Treat the victim for shock by laying the victim down on their back with the head resting slightly lower than the torso. Be sure to elevate and support their legs. It is always best to have an emergency kit ready with first aid and disaster essentials. 

Remember that being struck by lightning is extraordinarily rare but not unheard of. Protect yourself, take precautions, and plan your response.

In the last few weeks, SERVPRO of Montgomery has received multiple calls from owners whose homes have been struck by lightning. Should you find yourself in this situation, call us at 334.284.1612 for all your storm remediation needs.

We Have Entered Into the Heart of Tornado Season | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

Tornado blowing debris around a house and trees with a SERVPRO logo “You do not have to weather the storm alone. SERVPRO of Montgomery is here for all your storm remediation needs! Call us today at 334.284.1612.”

Here we are, folks! Once again, we have reached Tornado Season. Spring and early summer attract tornadoes due to the temperature constantly fluctuating between hot and cold. Tornado season peaks in the Southeast region during April and May while the Midwest region peaks during June and July. The US, however, records the highest number of tornadoes occurring during May, with a whopping average of 1,200 tornadoes per year.  

Meteorologists and weather services can sometimes provide advanced notifications of potential threats, but tornadoes can still occur with little to no warning at all. With the threat of tornadoes being the highest this month and the next for our community, SERVPRO of Montgomery wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to prepare.  

Stay Weather Alert  

Have a reliable source for severe weather. It is a great idea to keep your cell phones charged when you know a storm is coming. However, there is a chance of power loss, and there is no telling when power will return. Use your phone sparingly to conserve battery life. Keep a weather radio and batteries on hand to be able to receive potential warnings. Often, the threat is not over after the first storm blows through, and you must prepare for what might come next.  

Know the Difference Between Watches and Warnings  

A Tornado Watch means severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes are in the area. Watches should be considered just as dangerous as a warning. A Tornado Warning means there is a confirmed tornado in the area. It was either sighted or indicated on radar. You should ALWAYS take shelter when there is a tornado warning and remain there until the all-clear is received. 

What To Do and Not To Do During a Storm 


  • Keep away from windows, doors, and open spaces 
  • Take shelter in the innermost part of your home such as a pantry, bathroom, or closet 
  • Watch the weather forecast and be aware of your surroundings  
  • Ensure your safe space has flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, and a helmet to protect you from potential falling debris 


  • Run outside to watch the storm 
  • Think that you have plenty of time to get into your safe space when you hear the tornado coming  
  • Leave your home during a storm unless you live in a mobile home or trailer. Seek shelter in another home or building before the storm. 

What Should You Do After a Storm? 

  • Be mindful of your surroundings when leaving your safe space. Downed power lines, fallen trees, and gas leaks pose a dangerous threat to your safety.  
  • Do not turn on anything electric until you are positive there isn't a gas leak. Clean any flammable liquids if possible. Leave the structure if you smell gas or chemical fumes.  
  • Listen for shifting or unusual noises around you. These noises could indicate a structure is caving and may collapse. Watch your step and guide your family to a safe location.  
  • Receive first aid when appropriate. If someone is severely injured, do not move them unless there is a danger of further injury.  
  • Take pictures of the damage to your home and contents for insurance purposes. Documenting on-site will go a long way in speeding up the restoration process from the insurance side.  

SERVPRO of Montgomery understands tornadoes can be deadly and destructive. For this reason, we prepare for every disaster. We have a network of more than 1,900 franchises nationwide and hundreds of Disaster Response Teams. SERVPRO strategically mobilizes teams across the country to travel to support our community after storm events. We even have our very own Large Loss Division based out of Montgomery!  

When disaster strikes, do not panic. Remain calm and remember SERVPRO of Montgomery is only one call away.  

What to Do When Unexpected Storm Damage Comes Your Way | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

Cartoon house with tree on top of it and SERVPRO logo “Do you have storm damage to your home? No worries, SERVPRO of Montgomery is here for you!”

Technology has come such a long way in recent decades, but nothing is perfect. Raging storms will take you by surprise more often than you would like to admit. Regardless of the notice you may or may not receive, the real question is how prepared you are.

Are You Ready for The Unexpected? 

Are your outside structures sound? Is your lawn furniture secure? Is your home surrounded by mature trees? These things and more play an essential part in how significant your damage could be. High wind speeds can send a tree or large tree limb crashing down, taking your car, roof, or the walls of your home with it. Not only does this cause tremendous structural damage, but the gaping hole allows rainwater to freely flow into your home. All of this can happen in a split second, causing irreparable damage to floors, walls, furniture, and family treasures. 

You never know if or when this will happen to you, so it is best to have a plan. There is not much you can do physically to prevent further damage when there is a huge tree in your hallway. However, there are things you can take to lessen the likelihood of damage. Here are a few steps that will better ensure your safety and facilitate a quick restoration process.

Maintain Your Surroundings 

Clear any surrounding trees or large items that can potentially damage your home or vehicle. Trees should generally be 10 to 20 feet from your house, but this may change depending on the tree type and size. Secure any loose items that could blow into your home. This includes lawn furniture, grills, yard tools, and toys. 

Evacuate Once Damage Has Occurred 

Should storm damage occur to your home, get yourself and your family out of the house immediately. It is possible for a storm to cause downed power lines, gas leaks, or an instable home foundation. It is imperative to wait for the home to be inspected for safety hazards prior to reentering your home.

Taking the Next Steps 

Once you are safe, survey the damage and take pictures. Document everything for insurance purposes. Make sure you notify emergency services, if needed. Then call your insurance representative. Your insurance company will walk you through your coverage plan and discuss options. Lastly, don’t forget to contact SERVPRO of Montgomery for your water damage and fire restoration needs. Our technicians will schedule a time to arrive onsite and identify how much damage has been caused and create a restoration plan. We will also work directly with your insurance company so you can focus on other matters.  

Do not attempt to tarp the roof, replace windows, or clean water near the affected site by yourself. Repairing something yourself could unintentionally cause further damage to the home, or injuries to yourself.

If your home sustains water or fire damage due to a storm, you can count on us to help. We are available 24/7 to assist your family in your time of need. Call SERVPRO of Montgomery at 334.284.1612 for all your storm restoration needs. 

The Physical and Financial Impact of Water Damage From Hurricanes | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Satellite image of hurricane forming Hurricanes are damaging in a myriad ways causing 10 to 15 inches of rain in the area it impacts, causing devastating water damage.

Hurricanes are damaging in myriad ways. A storm of that size can dump 10 to 15 inches of rain in the area it impacts, causing devastating water damage to a swath of soaked businesses and homes in its wake.

We often see news coverage of physical damage, displaced families and sometimes sadly we even get reports of injuries and casualties. But when the news coverage ends, the reality of a future full of instability remains, and much of the lasting damage from a massive weather event is felt in the area of financial recovery from water damage.

Water Damage and Its Financial Impact Locally

The frequency of extreme weather events is taking its toll on many areas and industries across the nation, and North Carolina is no exception.

In fact, North Carolina has suffered the damages of 20 different hurricane disasters in the last 30 years with a financial impact that has amounted to at least a billion dollars each.

The greater Charlotte and Mecklenburg area alone has felt the effects of officially recorded hurricanes or tropical storms an average of every six years over the last century, with the latest as of this writing being 2020’s Tropical Depression Bertha, with a windspeed of almost 30 miles per hour and a diameter nearing 35 miles.

Financial Impact of Hurricane Water Damage Nationally

In 2018 and 2019, there were 28 climate and weather disasters with financial losses exceeding $1 billion (among them Hurricane Florence in North Carolina). This falls in line with the average from 2015–2019, which is 13.8 disasters of this same type and minimum impact annually, with an incredible $136 billion in damages.

Hurricanes alone accounted for over half a trillion dollars in damages between 1986 and 2015. Being a coastal state puts North Carolina in harm’s path often, relative to other states, so it’s imperative to take each hurricane season with the utmost care, and do what you can to maximize preparedness, in order to minimize financial, structural, and personal losses.

Add to the financial losses the fact that floodwater carries waste and pesticides which can cause illness, and that it promotes the growth of mold and mildew, and you’ve got an incredible amount of risk from water damage in such massive storms.

If your home or business should sustain water damage from storms or floods, SERVPRO has local technicians on standby 24 hours a day for emergencies, and we’ll be on hand to make sure your restoration needs are taken care of. Click or call today to find out how we can help when disaster strikes.

The Dangers of Thunderstorms | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

trees, debris, and blue skies At SERVPRO®, we understand severe weather can be stressful. Always be prepared ahead of the storm, and be sure to have alerts set up.

When you think of severe weather, tornadoes may quickly come to mind. There’s a good reason for that.

In the state of Alabama, we experience a large number of tornadoes each year, averaging 44 tornadoes annually. While these storms are most common during the spring, they can occur at any point in our warm, humid conditions.

But while tornadoes are definitely a weather danger to keep in mind, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are defined as any storm that involves thunder. These storms are so common we often disregard them. But high winds, lightning, hail, flooding, and other issues involved in thunderstorms can quickly turn dangerous.

A thunderstorm moves into the severe category when it contains hail that is one inch or larger and straight-line winds of 58 miles per hour or more. Here’s what you should know about potential thunderstorm hazards:

Damage and injury from lightning strikes. You now know that thunderstorms always involve thunder. But did you know they also always have lightning? That’s because thunder and lightning are always paired together; you won’t have one without the other, even if lightning isn’t visible. Lightning strikes cause around 300 injuries every year, and they can also contribute to property damage both from direct contact with lightning and indirect effects such as fallen trees.

Property damage due to hail. When it comes to hail, there are two factors to consider: the size of the hail and the force with which it falls. These ice pellets can range in size from tiny to very large, and the bigger they are, the more dangerous they are. In severe thunderstorms, where hail is larger, pellets can propel with some force on your roof and siding, which can cause leaks and water damage.

Harm from flash flooding. Flash floods can occur any time there is heavy rain for a plethora of reasons—even if storm drains back up or small ditches become filled with water, heavy rain can quickly turn these things into a life-threatening flooding scenario. This presents a particular danger on the roads. If flash flood conditions are possible, it’s best to stay at home.

Thunderstorms are dangerous and can cause significant damage to homes or commercial spaces. If you have damage due to a thunderstorm, contact us for more information about our storm restoration practices.

Ramping Up Your Spring Storm Safety at Home l SERVPRO of Montgomery

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain coming down from dark clouds If you experience any property damage from spring storms, contact SERVPRO of Montgomery.

This year’s cold, wet winter is quickly coming to an end. Even in Alabama, where winters are typically mild, it’s easy to get spring fever during these long, dreary pandemic winter days.

So, if you’re thrilled to turn the page in February and start March with dreams of a warm spring afternoon filling your head, no one can blame you. It’s a great time to start planning new projects. For you, that might mean you want to create a vegetable garden or redo your landscaping.

Or maybe you like to spend the spring hiking or enjoying the outdoors before summer’s heat sends you back inside.

Spring is an enjoyable season, but like any season, it also brings some hazards for homeowners to manage. When it comes to this season, healthy and severe thunderstorms are always a concern.

While we don’t have the ability to make a storm take a different path around our home, we take steps to make our homes as safe and secure as possible, so they’re in good shape if a severe storm hits.

Projects to Do This Spring

Add these items to your project list this spring.

Cut and remove tree branches and limbs that need it. Limbs and branches that hang over your garage or home can be a hazard during storms. You can keep them from falling on your roof by cutting them down.

Declutter your gutters. We talk about the importance of this project every season. Keep your drains clean so that the water around your home is moving in the right direction instead of backing up and causing water damage.

Repair your roof.If you can check your roof to be sure it doesn’t have any missing shingles. Look for signs of a leak, too.

Make sure your home’s sump pump works. Not every family has one of these (or needs it), but it’s important to be sure it’s working correctly before your house goes through a rainy spring.

Don’t let items around your home become hazards. Be sure your patio furniture or other similar things don’t become tools for the wind to damage your home.

If a fire, flood or any other cause damage to your home, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Restoring Your Belongings after Storm Damage | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

"After the Storm" graphic Storms threaten our peace of mind and our homes. Click here to learn about how SERVPRO® of Montgomery can restore your belongings after a storm.

For many of us home is everything. However, storms threaten our homes in more ways than one. Not only does a storm threaten your home’s structure, but the quality of your belongings and keepsakes. Our restoration services can help you save money and give you back your peace of mind by preserving your precious belongings.

Nowadays, we hold many of our memories and keepsakes digitally on our computers, phones, family videotape, and more. Please note that water-damaged electronics can present a serious hazard so do not attempt to operate any of them in the wake of water damage. Let us coordinate the restoration of your electronics for you!

First, we will clean the outside of your electronic devices to help stop any further corrosion and damage. From there, a qualified electronics technician will clean and inspect the electronic devices.

More traditionally, valuable documents like wedding certificates and photographs make our house a home. Extreme caution must be taken with items like these because they can be delicate and easy to destroy. Although some documents may not be restored to pre-water damage condition, SERVPRO® of Prattville may be able to save a great deal of them and help minimize further damage. Depending on the type of documents and the level of water damage, we have five options for the restoration process: air-drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, vacuum freeze-drying, and vacuum thermal drying.

If you have storm or water damage anywhere in your home you can count on us to help. You can contact us at any hour of the day to learn more about our services or to report damages.

Ramping Up Your Spring Storm Safety at Home l SERVPRO of Montgomery

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain coming down from dark clouds If you experience any property damage from spring storms, contact SERVPRO® of Montgomery.

This year’s cold, wet winter is quickly coming to an end. Even in Alabama, where winters are typically mild, it’s easy to get spring fever during these long, dreary pandemic winter days.

So, if you’re thrilled to turn the page in February and start March with dreams of a warm spring afternoon filling your head, no one can blame you. It’s a great time to start planning new projects. For you, that might mean you want to create a vegetable garden or redo your landscaping.

Or maybe you like to spend the spring hiking or enjoying the outdoors before summer’s heat sends you back inside.

Spring is an enjoyable season, but like any season, it also brings some hazards for homeowners to manage. When it comes to this season, healthy and severe thunderstorms are always a concern.

While we don’t have the ability to make a storm take a different path around our home, we take steps to make our homes as safe and secure as possible, so they’re in good shape if a severe storm hits.

Projects to Do This Spring

Add these items to your project list this spring.

Cut and remove tree branches and limbs that need it. Limbs and branches that hang over your garage or home can be a hazard during storms. You can keep them from falling on your roof by cutting them down.

Declutter your gutters. We talk about the importance of this project every season. Keep your drains clean so that the water around your home is moving in the right direction instead of backing up and causing water damage.

Repair your roof.If you can check your roof to be sure it doesn’t have any missing shingles. Look for signs of a leak, too.

Make sure your home’s sump pump works. Not every family has one of these (or needs it), but it’s important to be sure it’s working correctly before your house goes through a rainy spring.

Don’t let items around your home become hazards. Be sure your patio furniture or other similar things don’t become tools for the wind to damage your home.

If a fire, flood or any other cause damage to your home, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Ramping Up Your Spring Storm Safety at Home l SERVPRO® of Montgomery

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain coming down from dark clouds If you experience any property damage from spring storms, contact SERVPRO® of Montgomery.

This year’s cold, wet winter is quickly coming to an end. Even in Alabama, where winters are typically mild, it’s easy to get spring fever during these long, dreary pandemic winter days.

So, if you’re thrilled to turn the page in February and start March with dreams of a warm spring afternoon filling your head, no one can blame you. It’s a great time to start planning new projects. For you, that might mean you want to create a vegetable garden or redo your landscaping.

Or maybe you like to spend the spring hiking or enjoying the outdoors before summer’s heat sends you back inside.

Spring is an enjoyable season, but like any season, it also brings some hazards for homeowners to manage. When it comes to this season, healthy and severe thunderstorms are always a concern.

While we don’t have the ability to make a storm take a different path around our home, we take steps to make our homes as safe and secure as possible, so they’re in good shape if a severe storm hits.

Projects to Do This Spring

Add these items to your project list this spring.

Cut and remove tree branches and limbs that need it. Limbs and branches that hang over your garage or home can be a hazard during storms. You can keep them from falling on your roof by cutting them down.

Declutter your gutters. We talk about the importance of this project every season. Keep your drains clean so that the water around your home is moving in the right direction instead of backing up and causing water damage.

Repair your roof. If you can check your roof to be sure it doesn’t have any missing shingles. Look for signs of a leak, too.

Make sure your home’s sump pump works. Not every family has one of these (or needs it), but it’s important to be sure it’s working correctly before your house goes through a rainy spring.

Don’t let items around your home become hazards. Be sure your patio furniture or other similar things don’t become tools for the wind to damage your home.

If a fire, flood or any other cause damage to your home, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Prepare in Advance for Severe Weather | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

large yellow storm warning sign in front of dark forming clouds If you suspect storm damage from a storm, contact us. Our team is eager to offer quick assistance to start the restoration process.

It is difficult to know if a storm that is forecasted to move through an area will be severe enough to cause damage before it arrives. Storms—as well as the damage they cause—can vary wildly, which is why we always recommend taking an approach grounded in advanced preparation to remain as safe as possible.

By taking steps to protect your home, you can be certain that no matter what type of storm moves through your area, you are as protected as possible.

Be as Protected as Possible From Storms

Prepare your home as much as possible. Though the nature of storm damage might seem erratic, by doing some preparation work in advance to protect your property, you can ensure you are taking the right steps to mitigate any possible damages. Trimming back any dead or overhanging trees is a great start, as is securing any objects that could possibly become loose during a storm. Many homeowners also have whole-home generators installed, allowing for utility usage if your power is out.

Create a family communications plan. When your family is all at home when severe weather is forecasted to come through the area, you can move as a group to your designated sheltering area and be certain you are all safe. However, if a storm catches one or more of your family members while they are out and about, it is important to have a communications plan so you can check in and be certain that everyone is safe.

Make sure your emergency kit is stocked. The best thing you can do to be prepared for any emergency is to have an emergency kit in your home, and storms are no exception. Your emergency kit can house everything your family might need, both during the storm and after the fact. Items like flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, food and water are all good to keep on-hand just in case.

Consider getting a weather radio. Having cell phones has made it much easier to receive emergency weather alerts no matter where you are, but in case of severe weather, it is always good to have a backup such as a weather radio. Storms can cause power outages and even knock out cell towers, so having a weather radio that is either powered by replaceable batteries or a manual system is smart.

If your home is damaged by a storm, you can depend on us to take care of any damages. Contact us at any hour to report damage and receive a rapid response.

Unpredictable Storm Damage

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

Bad weather can be unpredictable, and when it is, homes are at risk of suffering storm damage. The worry is that it’s often difficult to tell just how serious the damage is.

SERVPRO of Montgomery understands the process of water damage through the roof and has years of experience.

Homeowners often ignore what is seemingly minor damage, not knowing that it is actually causing major issues within the building’s structure. Remember, serious storm damage is not always immediately visible. It may seem like there’s nothing to worry about, but actually, mold growth and ceiling stains are very often signs of a more sinister problem.

Call Us Today at 334-284-1612

Schedule an appointment for us to come and take a look ASAP. If you wait for obvious signs of damage, you may be putting your entire home at risk. Moreover, if your roof or other structural elements have suffered storm damage, your insurance should cover the cost of repair and restoration.

SERVPRO of Montgomery is a fully licensed general contractor specializing in insurance restoration. We also offer 24/7 emergency home restoration services on mold, water, fire, smoke, and storm damage, as well as vandalism or any other disaster that may strike your home.

We are always ready to help and can handle any size job!

Montgomery Storms

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

We all remember the amount of rain we got back in late February and early March. Roads were closed and a ray of sunshine seemed priceless, but water damage wasn’t the only issue to worry about. There are many different factors to also be ready for when facing the storm such as lightning and wind.

With lightning, a fire is a common worry but fire alone isn’t your only worry. It can mess with the wiring in your house but also strike tree branches and other debris causing it to hit your house.

Another issue is the high wind. High winds can not only cause debris to hit your homes but can also seriously affect your roofing which then can cause even bigger water damage.

Though the storms may be big none is too big for your local SERVPRO of Montgomery. Well, are well equipped and ready to face it head-on with 24-hour service. So anytime the storm hits we can be there and you sleep well at night.

Faster Service is Better For You

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Our motto, Faster To Any Size Disaster, means we not only arrive more quickly but that we also start working faster on any homes in Montgomery that need restoration work. Our assessments remain thorough because our teamwork means the information-gathering period concludes earlier.  

Why else do SERVPRO teams start sooner when a house in Montgomery suffers from signs of water damage? Because we want to prevent the spread and worsening of water damage. Protecting otherwise undamaged areas of your home that might succumb to invasive or lost water means a lot to us. We want to help save our customers from spending for repairs that preventative work can eliminate.  

The quicker we respond to your home's emergency, the less damage can happen, because water spreads from one material to another and travels from one area of your house to other areas unhindered. Once water damaged areas show signs, it becomes more difficult to restore these areas. Visible damage often calls for more extensive restoration efforts or complete replacement of the area involved. Some damage can appear as newly created risks in the home.

When your ceiling sags down for seemingly no reason, we check to ensure that hidden water, trapped in the area above the ceiling, does not exist. Because water weighs so much, it only takes a small amount from a leaky roof or a dripping pipe in an upstairs bathroom to collect water in a ceiling downstairs. While this water might eventually evaporate and end up elsewhere, the situation can also take a turn for the worse. Our team understands that such situations need mitigation to make the area safe again.  

Water damage can take other forms, of course, and affect almost any material inside your home which includes your personal belongings, keepsakes and mementos, furniture, and anything else under your roof. SERVPRO of Montgomery specialists uses their skills to put a stop to water damage and make things whole again. Moving forward is an incredible necessity of life, and we help you and your family do this.  

SERVPRO of Montgomery is ready every minute of every hour, year-round, to help get you through the crisis of both old and new water damage. Serving the Tri-County area, we are located nearby, ensuring fast response when you need us the most. Your first step involves a quick call to us at 334.284.1612, and we can do the rest.

Are You Ready For Storm Season?

4/2/2020 (Permalink)

  • Tornadoes may strike quickly, with little or no warning.
  • Tornadoes can destroy structures and lift vehicles.
  • Tornadoes may appear nearly transparent until dust and debris are picked up or a cloud forms in the funnel.
  • Tornadoes generally move Southwest to Northeast, but they have been known to move in any direction.
  • The average forward speed of a tornado is 30 MPH but may vary from stationary to 70 MPH.
  • Tornadoes can accompany tropical storms and hurricanes as they move onto land.
  • Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over water.
  • Tornadoes are most frequently reported east of the Rocky Mountains during spring and summer months.
  • Peak tornado season is March through May; Tuscaloosa has a second tornado season from November to early December.
  • Tornadoes are most likely to occur between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. but can occur at any time.
  • The average tornado lasts less than 10 minutes, but it can last from seconds to more than an hour.

While securing your personal belongings and valuables is important, protecting yourself and your family should be your top priority when a tornado watch is in effect. 

Your family should have a plan in place so that you can quickly find shelter, particularly if you live in a vulnerable structure such as a mobile home. You should also pre-designate a place to meet up after the storm in the event that you are separated.

Basements and storm cellars are the safest places to wait out a tornado. If shelter below ground is not available, go to the lowest floor possible and seek protection in a bathroom, closet or other interior room far from windows and as close to the center of the house as possible.

Conventional wisdom holds that opening windows helps by equalizing pressure in the house. This is no longer advised, however, as doing so allows damaging debris to enter your home.

The bottom line is if a tornado warning is issued for your area, you should hunker down in the basement, cellar or tornado shelter as quickly as possible. Saving you and your family members’ lives is more important than preserving your home.

For more tips to protect your home before the next tornado warning, or to schedule cleanup services following a natural disaster, please contact SERVPRO of Montgomery at 334.284.1612.

Storm Damage Tips

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips 

  • Listen to the radio for advisories
  • Do not venture outside until it’s declared safe 
  • Stay away from downed power lines, standing water, and metal objects near downed wires
  • Watch out for snakes and wild animals 
  • If you smell gas, turn gas off at the meter 
  • Avoid using candles or open flames indoors
  • Operate generators outside
  • Be careful when entering or leaving buildings with structural damage. It is best to avoid entering until the damage has been assessed 
  • Once things have been properly assessed, make sure you have plenty of pictures of storm damage to your property 
  • Contact SERVPRO of Montgomery to come out for board up and get started on water mitigation. 
  • SERVPRO of Montgomery will work with you and your insurance to get your property back to preloss condition

SERVPRO of Montgomery 334-284-1612

Disaster Recovery Team

10/18/2019 (Permalink)

When a storm or disaster strikes your home or business, SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team is poised and "Ready for whatever happens." With a network of more than 1,700 franchises nationwide, the SERVPRO system strives to be faster to any size disaster. Strategically located throughout the United States, SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team is expertly trained and readily equipped to handle the largest storms and highest floodwaters. Providing experience, manpower, equipment, and other resources, the Disaster Recovery Team is always on call and available to assist SERVPRO of Montgomery. SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team has responded to hundreds of disaster events. In the aftermath of a disaster, there is only one objective: to help you make it "Like it never even happened."

Did you know that SERVPRO has a specialized storm team and large loss response network to provide the resources to your property when others can’t? In the event of a disaster, SERVPRO professionals have the resources to relocate crews with equipment to take care of all of our customer’s needs. SERVPRO strategically places mobilization teams across the country to travel when needed to support recovery after large storm events such as hurricanes. Our job as water damage restoration professionals is to limit the amount of business interruption. We understand that fast mitigation is key to getting your business back up and running. SERVPRO provides the resources in the event of a large storm event to make sure that the right equipment, procedures, and training are in place to ensure that the structure is dry the first time and saves you time and money.

Do you have questions about how SERVPRO of Montgomery can help you prepare for a disaster? Contact us today at (334) 273-0992! 

Why Not Ask For Help With Flood Damage Remediation in Your Montgomery Home

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage to your property can cause a lot of destruction. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

The Risks of DIY Flood Recovery in Montgomery Homes 

Flooding is not something that Montgomery homeowners are unfamiliar with contending with, though many are still under the impression that there are ways to avoid the need for professional restoration services after these disasters. The belief is that with a fast response to the water damage and the lingering effects that must get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, that conventional cleaning and drying approaches can address these concerns. The truth is, many homeowners end up allowing persistent moisture and damages to continue without even realizing it, which can lead to greater losses and degradation over time. 

While there are many initial steps that homeowners can take to reduce the severity of flood damage in Montgomery properties, it is a sound investment to reach out to qualified restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team. We have extensive training in flood recovery, including accreditations from both the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) for cleaning contaminants present after natural flooding and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for overcoming water damage. 

Homeowners attempting to address all of the damage from a flood on their own often do not realize the full extent of these conditions they face. Without the sophisticated equipment available to our professionals in the industry, like hygrometers and our infrared imagery, moisture pockets and dampness beyond the surface goes unnoticed and unresolved. These symptoms can persist, allowing secondary effects like mold growth to occur. 

Perhaps even more challenging than the possibility of mold and microbial growth to contend with after flooding is the threat of contamination and bacteria present in natural floodwater from rising creeks and streams. With paths that rising water must take to reach and affect your home, it has the opportunity to come into contact with a long list of potential contaminants including sewage, chemicals, dead animals, and more. We have a team of biohazard recovery specialists that can help to address these threatening situations. 

From the time that our professionals first arrive at your home, we work to mitigate your loss and begin drying out affected areas of the property. With the right response from homeowners, our SERVPRO of Montgomery rapid response team can make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (334) 273-0992.

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready To Handle Your Montgomery Flood Damage

4/29/2019 (Permalink)

We have the expertise, equipment and experience to handle your flood damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us right away.

Protecting Belongings in Your Montgomery Home from Flood Damage

As a Montgomery homeowner, your biggest concern when facing any disaster is the effect that it has on your personal belongings and your family. While getting everyone to safety is the priority whenever emergencies occur, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to protect and preserve your belongings and possessions from exposure to floodwater and its effects. Our professionals have a 24/7 response to substantial storm situations, offering the full measure of our emergency repairs and mitigation to make restoration less costly and time-consuming.

Protecting the keepsakes and treasures that you have accrued throughout your life can be a challenge when flood damage affects your Montgomery house. Our SERVPRO professionals have an entire contents division that can walk through the property with our estimator when our rapid response team first arrives. These individuals can begin assessing which contents are at-risk for damage or worsening effects by remaining where they are. Most of the items from the affected areas of your home must get packed up and removed from the immediate area to prevent detrimental effects.

Many of the items removed from the damaged area of your home are taken to our nearby facility for deodorization, drying, and cleaning when necessary. We can then safely store these items in a climate-controlled and temperature-controlled environment to maintain their appearance and function until time to return them to your restored property.

Not all of the items removed from the flood-damaged portion of your property are taken to our facility, however. If our SERVPRO professionals have determined that some furniture, contents, and belongings have not gotten affected by the presence of floodwater or moisture in the environment, the can get moved to a different area of the property unaffected by the disaster until restoration completes.

Protecting your belongings in any disaster is a critical phase of the work that our SERVPRO of Montgomery team does. We go above and beyond to ensure that we make all effects from flooding and other disasters “Like it never even happened.” Give our dedicated professionals a call today at (334) 273-0992.

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Why SERVPRO Is The Garden District Leader In Flood Damage Control

4/19/2019 (Permalink)

Our specialists have the expertise, equipment and experience to handle your flood damage restoration. We operate 24/7 so call us right away.

No Need to Tolerate Storm Debris and Minor Flood Damage Around Your Garden District Home

During the Spring, the Garden District gets many strong storms. While many homeowners appreciate the amount of water that falls and begins to revitalize lawns and flowerbeds, the debris that blows into yards can become an unsightly problem. SERVPRO understands that your schedule keeps you busy and cleaning up such messes takes time out of your already packed day.

Another issue that SERVPRO can assist you in keeping your Garden District home looking pristine is flood damage control. Low-lying areas of your property can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes when allowed to remain boggy and wet. We can drain these areas for you with our truck mounted pumps and prevent such vectors from becoming a nuisance.

We can help regularly or for preparation of special events where you want your home to feel especially inviting to guests and extended family members. Removing storm debris ensures your property is a welcoming, safe location, free of hazards to health and safety.

Storms can also cause small issues in your home's exterior to arise. We can help repair small defects like screen repair and replacement, re-installing safety tread on stairs and steps, and other maintenance that keeps your home "Like it never even happened."

When flood damage affects the inside of your home, we can assure you that our specialists come prepared for such restoration work, as well. No matter how large or small your home's requirements, we can assist you in protecting your property and making things safe and secure. Flooding can leave things covered in unhealthy contaminants, which we efficiently remove. Cleaning such areas makes them safe again for you and others.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South is always ready for any level of flood damage that might affect your home in Matthews, Brentwood, or Wynlakes. Your first step after noticing such problems related to heavy storms that leave your property saturated and dirty is to call us at (334) 284-1612. Our specialists are IICRC trained and always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Find out about the Garden District, click here for more information.

Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Severe Storm Season in Montgomery?

4/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Montgomery is always on call to repair your storm damaged home.

Rain in Montgomery Floods Your Home

Just as the local Montgomery news report record-breaking rains for the area, you realize that your roof may not withstand such a downpour. As much as you rush to prepare for the impending flooding, you remain vulnerable to the elements and need to enlist the help of a professional team as soon as it is safe to begin the restoration process. Knowing whom to call in your time of need is one of the most important precautions you need to take when you face the storm.  

As soon as your Montgomery home becomes the victim of flood damage reach out to SERVPRO for help. Our IICRC-certified team is prepared to handle emergencies precisely like yours, and our rapid response team is available 24/7 precisely for this reason. Upon your call, our Green Fleet starts moving to bring to you powerful pumps and equipment designed to handle the most severe flood remains.  

Upon verifying that it is structurally safe to enter your home, our SERVPRO crew assesses the situation. You will most likely experience us removing some of your belongings, particularly carpets and upholstery which have been contaminated by the flood water coming into your home. The water carries debris and bacteria that need to removed as soon as possible to avoid further proliferation. Along with extracting any remaining water and restoring proper humidity levels our priority is to mitigate your losses as much as possible.  

Most roof repairs require an insurance claim. Our knowledgeable SERVPRO crew can complete an accurate description of damages associated with the flood. Our trained eyes document not only what is already evident, but also consequences that are not visible to the naked eye yet. Our thorough approach to documentation of our job may be helpful as your insurance claim progresses.  

At SERVPRO of Montgomery, we work diligently to return your home to its mint condition. Calling us at (334) 273-0992 is the first step in making your home look "Like it never even happened."

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Some Shortcuts to Flood Damage Remediation Success in Montgomery

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding in the crawlspace can quickly affect your home in a negative way. Contact our SERVPRO team for services.

Water Removal and Drying of Flooded Montgomery Crawlspace

The crawlspace of your Montgomery home serves a vital role in helping technicians and the homeowner access utilities and other areas of the property otherwise buried and difficult to reach. This area also works to protect your home against persistent threats like flooding. Effects from a disaster like this can spread quickly throughout the first level of your house without this added 24 to 36 inches of space between the ground and the flooring of your main level. When flooding does occur, removing the water and drying out the area quickly is important to protect your property against several threats.

The first and foremost threat with flood damage in the crawlspace of your Montgomery home is the structural effects that result from prolonged moisture and dampness throughout this area of your property. With saturation and dampened materials, supports for your flooring, framework, and beams can all become weakened from the prolonged exposure to excessive moisture and wicking common flood damages in the crawlspace.

Another concern that homeowners should have that could inspire them to reach out to our SERVPRO professionals as soon as this disaster occurs is the threat of mold growth. While these effects might start at a precise point, this organism can spread quickly through the floor of your house and damage structural integrity and pose potential health effects for those exposed to the spreading colony.

From the time that our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we can get to work quickly on extracting the water from this exposed area of your property and working to dry out the area as well. Often portable sump pumps are sufficient for this extraction. If persistent moisture is a common problem beyond the immediate flood damage, we can also offer crawlspace encapsulation to keep this area protected from moisture and potential mold growth moving forward.

Even with the crawlspace serving such a vital role for your home, many homeowners still do not get it the immediate flood damage restoration it needs when disaster strikes. You can trust our SERVPRO of Montgomery rapid response team to offer effective solutions to return this portion of your property to preloss conditions. Give us a call 24/7 at (334) 273-0992.

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After the Floodwaters Recede: Cleaning the Muddy Mess in Your Highland Park Office

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

The aftermath of a storm can affect your business. SERVPRO is committed to getting your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Make the Right Move When you Experience Flood Damage in Highland Park

Flood damage restoration is all about trying to help property owners recover from the damage caused by the water. Such disasters disrupt the normal operations of any home or business, and some can remain closed for several weeks or months. If a municipal building in Highland Park experiences such an incident, then it means the facility remains closed until the necessary cleaning has taken place. Cleaning the mud from the floors, cleaning and drying the seats, and repairing any broken windows are some of the steps taken after a storm.  

Even if the water has receded in Highland Park after a flood damage experience, never rush to get back into the building and assume general cleaning is enough to address the situation. If there are wooden items in the building and it happens that they came into contact with the water, then there are chances that they absorbed the water. If that is the case, you risk experiencing continuing problems such as wood deterioration, insect infestations, and mold growth. Flood waters carry much contamination, and our SERVPRO technicians remove and replace porous building materials.  

Our SERVPRO technicians carefully inspect your carpets and furnishings during the restoration process. We clean restorable carpeting, bedding, and furniture and discard of what is unsalvageable. We can hose off soils from surfaces and then clean using a disinfectant.  

Even if the walls look undamaged, we have to open them up to address possible odors, structural decay, and mold growth. To drain water from uninsulated walls, we remove baseboards and then drill holes into the wallboard. We throw away any flooded drywall and all wet insulation. By setting up fans and dehumidifiers, we can speed up the drying process. The walls should remain open until they are thoroughly dry. When recommending replacements, we advise property owners to go for materials that can withstand future flood - like ceramic tiles, removable wainscoting, and rigid foam insulation.  

For further advice and information, contact SERVPRO of Montgomery at (334) 273-0992. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can offer emergency services at any time of the day.

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Use Caution When Entering A Home With Flood Damage In Montgomery

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

Disasters can make a once-safe and secure home in Montgomery unfit to live in and barely safe to enter.

Use Caution When Entering Your Home After A Flood

Disasters can make a once-safe and secure home in Montgomery unfit to live in and barely safe to enter. Water can hide hazards from view and make it difficult to stand or walk from one place to another. Flooding brings in foul water that is even more murky, making it even more dangerous.
Montgomery residents who visit their homes after flood damage takes place might also notice that the smell is highly unpleasant. This smell comes mostly from the organic matter, so many homes require odor control measures after we finish restoring the structure and cleaning the contents of your house. We use highly effective but very safe methods when controlling smelly odors.

When we send out our technicians to mitigate flood damage, they arrive with the equipment needed to restore your home, as well as the necessary protective equipment to ensure their health and safety. Our gear is designed to ward off cuts and keep disease-causing pathogens off the skin. Our machinery and tools are also highly effective at performing the functions necessary to dry your home out and make it “Like it never even happened.”

As we work on your home's cleanup and restoration, we use different cleaning agents that help us remove the grime and other substances left on surfaces within your house. Any grooves or indentations in personal belongings can harbor silt and dirt, but we carefully remove it, so everything becomes clean and sanitary again. As long as your home's structure remains safe, we can carry this work out on-site, making things easier for you. By the time your family moves back in, we have gone over everything to ensure that your home becomes completely dry again and free of any silt, debris, or other filth.

SERVPRO of Montgomery wants our neighbors and friends to stay safe, even in horrible situations. Flood damage can cause serious harm to any kind of property. We have the skills and tools to make your home safe for you and prevent damage from spreading further. Contact us at (334) 273-0992, so we can assist you in making your house a home again.

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Flood Damage Restoration Options For Residents Of Chisholm

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

Before flood damage restoration can start, we first determine whether the building is safe to enter.

Flood Damage Restoration

Before flood damage restoration can start, we first determine whether the building is safe to enter. We check whether there are any collapsed walls, roofs, sticking doors, sagging ceilings, and if the floor has noticeable cracks. Mud and water make the floor slippery, so, we are cautious when stepping. Floodwaters may leave sediments within the house, and there is a need to perform shoveling.

Our SERVPRO technicians also inspect whether there are damaged materials in your Chisholm property during flood damage restoration. If the wallboard that covers the walls and ceilings is thoroughly soaked or at least four feet from the bottom of the floor, we remove it and recommend a replacement. Plaster has high chances of surviving a flood when compared to gypsum wallboard. In most cases, when the plaster dries, it disintegrates from the wooden laths. If we face such incidents, we remove the plaster layer and then make a replacement.

There are different ways in which flooding affects the various types of insulation. If your structure has polystyrene insulation, it has high chances of surviving when our SERVPRO technicians hose it off. We discard fiberglass batts when they are soaked with water. Cellulose insulation can hold water for a long duration. When that happens, it loses its fire retardant and antifungal properties, so a replacement is necessary.

If flood water reached the ceiling area, we have to replace it - mainly when it is wallboard. It does not mean all is well when the water has not touched the ceiling; the floodwater can increase the humidity and make the gypsum ceilings to swell. Plaster ceilings may dry after some time, though we might tear them down and make a replacement when they have too many sags and cracks. We can also use pumps to extract water from flooded crawl spaces and install space heater and fans to enhance the drying process.

SERVPRO of Montgomery is a trusted industry leader in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. You can call us at (334) 273-0992 at any time of the day and benefit from our stress-free services.

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Understanding The Flood Restoration Process For Your Highland Park Residence

6/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Saves Many Homes in Highland Park from Flooding with Rapid Response and Water Removal

Fast Arrival and Water Extraction by SERVPRO Mitigates Flood Damage to Your Home or Business

As much as you might work to prevent disasters and unfortunate circumstances to your Highland Park home, there are always going to be situations that are out of your control. Flash flooding is such an instance. As the name would suggest, these disasters offer little in the way of warning, and ill-prepared homes that are not able to withstand the immense water pressures from the outside can be susceptible to widespread damages.

The unfortunate aspect in all of this is that you might not even know that your house is not able to withstand the threat of flash flooding until the damage is upon you. Once you have discovered any severity of flood damage in your Highland Park residence, you should be on the phone with our SERVPRO team working to get our experienced technicians on site and working to stop the flow of water into your house, if possible.

When we arrive at your house, we often work most quickly on sealing up the vulnerable points (often with hydraulic cement) to stop water flow into the basement area. Extraction follows quickly after this process. It could be as fundamental as portable pumps and wet vacs, but more severe cases require us to dispatch a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet to get the water removed more efficiently.

Getting the area dried completely is another critical component of the restoration process. Lingering moisture is a welcome mat for microbial and mold growth, so our experienced IICRC certified professionals work to ensure that any dampness gets dried up. Any damaged construction materials that retain water and are rendered non-salvageable also get discarded.

While there is nothing quite as overwhelming as widespread damage to the home that you live in, our professionals can help you to clean up the mess and get back to the way things should be quickly, "Like it never even happened." You can count on our SERVPRO of Montgomery water damage restoration specialists to help you anytime that you need us. Give us a call 24/7 at (334) 273-0992.

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Dealing with Flood Damage in Highland Park

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SERVPRO acts quickly to restore your home after flood damage and return your home to its pre loss condition "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Puts You at Ease During the Flood Damage Restoration Process

When a Highland Park homeowner finds himself ankle deep in water, he does not want to hear that his restoration service can be there tomorrow. He and his family need someone to arrive as swiftly as possible, begin work, and provide as much education and even comfort, as possible.

Any flood damage to a Highland Park home requires an emergency response. At SERVPRO we found, over time, that there are certain tasks to begin immediately once our restoration team puts boots on a customer’s property.

First, they put the homeowner and his family at ease. Once the team has the owner calmed down, everything else goes much easier and quicker. A simple way they do this is to point out everything that is not damaged.

Now, the team educates the homeowner. One of our inspectors points out the tasks the team starts first and provides details on how they accomplish them.

After this quick briefing, the team begins work in the home by protecting the structure and the contents inside from further damage. They close off any openings to the outside by boarding up doors and windows with plywood. If there is damage to the roof from the storm, SERVPRO technicians also use plywood or plastic sheeting to seal it off.

As they accomplish this, other team members remove as much water as possible. Depending on the size of the home, specialists bring in one or more commercial pumps and extraction wands to draw out most of the water; usually in less than a day.

With the bulk of the water gone, our team starts the drying process. Members set-up dehumidifiers to lower the inside humidity and use exhaust fans and air movers to draw out the damp air inside and replace it with warm air that also helps to dry the surfaces of the structure and property items like sofas.

Finally, they do everything to make the environment as comfortable as possible for the homeowner. The situation is difficult enough, and we try not to disrupt his life any further.

Restoring a home after a flood is not easy, but SERVPRO of Montgomery does it quickly and with as little stress to the owner and other residents as possible. If you need us, call today at (334) 273-0992. Our office is here for you.

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Weakening Blockwork Can Allow Flood Damage To Your Montgomery Home

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Floodwaters Entering a Basement in Montgomery Can Use Fast Water Extraction from SERVPRO

Basement Flooding in Montgomery, Water Removal & Drying--Call SERVPRO for a Stress-Free Service

Your Montgomery home was never equipped to handle flooding of any kind. Even when a basement gets primarily comprised of concrete flooring and concrete blockwork, water can still find a way inside after these components begin to wear down. Provided that your house did not get constructed in the past few years, wear and tear to the mortar joints of the blockwork of your basement walls is already on its way to degradation and failure.  
While no Montgomery homeowner wants to hear about the possibility of flood damage, it is never a situation that you can entirely rule out either. While the area might not always suffer the brunt of major storm systems, if the conditions are right, you do not need hurricane level rainfall to facilitate flash flooding requirements in your area. If the ground is already overly saturated and more rainfall gets expected, your degrading basement mortar joints can succumb to the pressure of the external water and allow it to flow into your home through an ever-broadening path.  
Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to help you, even in the midst of the flooding to prevent further damage and to ensure that the restoration process does not get more complicated. An assessment of where water is passing through the blockwork of your foundation wall can allow our technicians an opportunity to repair this damage using hydraulic cement applied even when water is still passing through the openings.

Our team then turns its attention to extraction, and this process typically involves the use of truck-mounted pumps for fast extraction, if needed portable sump pumps and more intricate work gets accomplished with wet vacs. Once the water has gotten removed from the affected area, drying the area is a critical next step. The faster that moisture and dampness can get removed from this damaged area, the less likely that instances of mold damage could occur on top of the current restoration needs of your home. This process may take many days depending on the saturation level of the concrete pad and block.  
Finding flood damage in your home can be overwhelming and troublesome to deal with on your own. Trust our SERVPRO of Montgomery team to help you restore your home and to help keep the same issues from happening again. Give us a call anytime you need us at (334) 273-0992.

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Being Careful with Flood Damage in Highland Gardens Could Save Time and Money

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Flooding in Highland Garden Homes Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Is Ready to Mitigate Flooding Effects to Your Property

When a flood hits your home, there is not much time to collect yourself, let alone start to mitigate damages. However, if you can manage to get things in motion quickly, you may be able to reduce expenses and repair times associated with flood damage to your residence. When a flood hits, try your best to follow these points of advice to minimize property damage and headache in the ensuing days and weeks.

Get Things Higher Up Before the Storm
If a significant storm such as a hurricane seems likely to cause flood damage in Highland Gardens, you may want to spend some time in the hours before it hits moving your belongings to higher ground. Floods do not often reach higher than a few feet in the home, and you should be able to keep most of your belongings safe by taking them to higher floors or placing them on countertops and secure tables. Be careful not to place too much trust in a feeble table, however, as it may buckle or overturn as sweeping floodwaters overtake it.
Keep Doors and Windows Sealed
While this point of advice may seem like a given for most people, SERVPRO technicians have seen enough floods that could have been prevented with the mere common sense that we know it is far from an uncommon issue. Keep all doors and windows closed and, if there are any cracks or gaps in them, plug these up as best as possible.
Call A Certified Mitigation Company
Calling a certified and reputable damage mitigation company like SERVPRO makes sure that as much damage as possible is prevented and that restorative processes begin sooner rather than later. Our IICRC certified

technicians are available 24/7 to respond to calls for help and stock industrial-grade equipment to pump water out of your home before it can cause too much damage. If you choose not to employ a mitigation service, your home may be ravaged by additional issues such as mold, standing water, contamination, and chemical oxidation.
SERVPRO of Montgomery is ready after every major storm to respond to flood damage in the local community. Call us at (334) 273-0992.

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Flood Damage Mitigation Available Throughout The Montgomery Area

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Calling a professional to assess damages to your home and check for immediate dangers should be an immediate goal.

Flood Damage Mitigation

As you may well know, floods in the Montgomery area can be somewhat dangerous, aside from getting yourself and your family to safety, you may want to do everything you can to limit your losses. Eventually, you have to return to determine what steps to take next.

After being permitted to return to your Montgomery home, there are specific actions you should take before attempting to enter your home for the first time. Having a professional, trained to respond to this kind of situation can help avoid many hazards present after a flood. So, calling a professional to assess damages to your home and check for immediate dangers should be an immediate goal.

SERVPRO technicians provide customers with 24/7 emergency response service, responding to your request for help right away. With full IICRC-industry certification, our technicians provide you with flood damage restoration services you can trust to limit your losses and get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer full-service solutions and take charge of your restoration from start to finish.

Working with your insurance company, SERVPRO technicians ensure that you receive the assistance you need to return your home and its contents to a quality pre-damage condition. The team of qualified technicians that respond to your call for help address each area of your home. We help you understand the extent of existing damages and make recommendations designed to correct the situation.

SERVPRO technicians help you through every step of your restoration process, offering more than just repair or replacement services. It is a part of our job to ensure that you understand your situation, providing you with the knowledge needed to make a variety of sound, informed decisions regarding your homes recovery. We are proud to provide local community members with the help they need to survive emergency situations. However, we can also help you prevent future events from occurring.

Give SERVPRO of Montgomery a call for additional information or to schedule your home’s flood damage restoration, today (334) 273-0992.

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Disinfecting Your Flood Damaged Home in Arrowhead

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SERVPRO works quickly to save your home from microbial growth after flood damage.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Dry Out Your Home after Flood Damage

Out of all the natural disasters in the United States, floods are the most common and the costliest. Heavy rains and winds brought by hurricanes can flood homes in Arrowhead quickly, leaving much devastation behind. Coast storm surges can create flooding several feet above normal tide levels, plus bring along with it large, battering waves. Widespread damage, including the flooding or destruction of homes and beach erosion, are common with these storms.

If your home in Arrowhead has suffered flood damage from a hurricane, it is essential that you can begin repairs quickly. For a job like this, you also need the professional help of our staff at SERVPRO. We have handled all types of flood damage and have the required training and tools to get your home dried out again quickly and efficiently.

Part of proper flood damage remediation includes controlling the growth of microbes. The presence of water promotes the growth of microbes, so our main steps in mitigation include removing the standing water and moisture by drying the materials and also getting rid of any materials which are already contaminated. We focus on fast drying your structure and do not consider the application of professional products by themselves to be the best way to control microbial growth.

Applying products can help to control microbes when they are used in addition to fast drying. They can make the home safer while we work to perform the tasks needed. We always follow the directions when applying professional products.

SERVPRO technicians use an EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant for the job. We follow all product labeling precisely and carefully mix products. We take care to use application methods which are specified on the label as well. We apply the disinfectant to all materials and surfaces which have been contaminated. Products are not effective against microbes they do not physically contact.

We then allow enough dwell time, also per the product label and keep the correct temperature and pH levels. While working, we ensure that all staff is wearing protective clothing and equipment and that you and your family are evacuated.

SERVPRO of Montgomery takes care of your flood-damaged property thoroughly and carefully so that you can return to a home that is not only dry but disinfected and safe again. If you reside in the areas of Chisholm, Highland Gardens, or Centennial Hill, call us right away at (334) 273-0992 after a flooding emergency.

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Flood Damage is Likely in Highland Park When Strong Storms Pass Overhead

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Flood damage from a storm can bring dangerous biological and chemical contaminants into your home.

Rely on professional remediation services when a storm causes damage to your home

Storms with an overabundance of rainwater can overload an area quickly when the hard, dry ground fails to absorb any of the water. Running downhill helps protect homes from flooding, but this is not always the case. Natural or altered topography can prevent this from happening.

Highland Park is relatively flat, and flood damage can easily occur because rainwater has nowhere to travel. Spread out, small depressions in the ground fill quickly with water. Homes that rest in these locations experience flooding before others in nearby areas might.

Areas like this can experience slowly ebbing floods, but the damage is similar to others from faster-moving water. Even a small amount of damage should receive professional attention. Without having a company such as SERVPRO providing remediation services, secondary losses become much more likely.

Our employees learn and gain experience on the job and also receive internationally accepted certificates from the IICRC. Flooding brings in much more than water – it also carries biological and chemical contaminants into your living space. Proper removal of these unwanted contaminants and any other debris that has washed in must happen quickly.

Pumping out excess water and ensuring everything regains a normal state of moisture helps preserve your home. Microbial growth can affect residents afterward unless measures to prevent this happen. Saving walls and floors from destruction is easiest when work immediately begin after floodwaters recede.

Flooding in the lowest level of a home raises the humidity level inside the entire home, making it necessary to keep doors closed, preventing moisture from spreading as easily. Keeping doors closed can also reduce the ability of mold spores to travel. Along with our dehumidifiers, air scrubbers make the air much cleaner and free of most pathogens. Air blowers, which keep moisture from settling anywhere and prevent it from being absorbed into dry materials, help lift moisture from all surfaces in the home.

Hidden areas in your home, such as crawl spaces and under porches, also require professionals who can restore a dry environment. Left alone, these areas can quickly become places for water to stagnate and become breeding grounds for insects, microbes, and rodents.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Montgomery want to put their IICRC certificates to work for homeowners in our area. Restoring your home with professional mitigation is a priority after flood damage. Call us at (334) 273-0992 whenever your home needs attention.

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Drying is a Challenge in the Case of Flood Damage to Exterior Walls in Highland Gardens

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A burst or leaking pipe can flood your home. Contact SERVPRO after a flooding event to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Root Out All the Pockets Where Flood Waters Hide in Your Home After a Disaster

Water damage to any part of the home is enough to give any householder a headache. Many instances of flood damage affect interior walls, floors or ceilings, such as the kitchen or the bedroom. However, there are some cases when a burst pipe or leaking appliance causes damage to one of the exterior walls of a home.
Drying is vital after any water damage. Leaving a property without proper drying opens it up to long-term structural damage and even mold growth. However, flood damage to exterior walls in Highland Gardens presents a particular challenge for restoration experts. That is why we recommend putting in a call to SERVPRO at once: We train our technicians to handle even the most challenging drying situations to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”
Cinder block walls in particular need specialist care to restore them to optimum dryness. The cells within the walls can hold water. Sometimes there is a coat of gloss or semi-gloss paint on the wall - this creates a barrier that stops water moving from the inside to the outside of the wall. SERVPRO technicians have the skill to drill a hole in the bottom of the mortar wall to allow drainage, and we patch the wall up carefully afterward.
Insulation material inside external walls is often a barrier to drying. Our professionals assess each situation and decide whether it is best to remove the insulation and replace it.
External walls typically have low air circulation and are often constructed in a way that limits airflow and causes difficulty in drying the interior of the wall.
Our teams arrive equipped with a range of dehumidifiers and air movers ready to dry out your walls. Of course, dehumidifiers cannot be used out of doors, but in some cases positioning a dehumidifier in the room closest to the wall is helpful. The positioning of air movers requires extra care because external walls take longer to dry. Hence optimum placement of air movers is vital.
We monitor the drying situation at all times by using moisture meters to track progress. We take readings from unaffected walls nearby so we can assess the optimum drying goal. Our aim is always restoring the wall to its ideal level of dryness.
For help with water-logged walls, give SERVPRO of Montgomery a call at (334) 273-0992.

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Flood Damage Restoration in Downtown Montgomery

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Flooding is dangerous and devastating. Get to safety and then call SERVPRO to remediate!

SERVPRO Technicians Can Get Your Property Back to Normal After a Flood

Living in the state capital, you see every style of housing within a mile or two of each other. Beautiful mansions just a short distance from apartment complexes to duplexes and single family homes. There's something for everyone and all of them are vulnerable to flooding.

You do not have to live next to the Gun Island Chute to see flood damage in downtown Montgomery. Sudden rains can quickly overcome storm drains and then the next thing you know, and you may need a skiff and an outboard motor just to get to Maxwell AFB. SERVPRO has the personnel and the equipment to deal with this rapid change in weather and the destruction it causes.

If our response team is called in soon enough, they can pump out standing water within hours. This can prevent the loss of drywall, wood flooring and carpets. Specially designed equipment can also remove excess moisture from furniture, preventing replacement. In a city with students from five major colleges and universities, this can be very important indeed.

We start the restoration process by removing standing water with commercial pumps and vacuums chosen specifically for each job. If the power has been shorted out by the floodwater, it is no problem. We have a large inventory of generators on hand to continue the job uninterrupted.

With the water gone, our technicians use commercial air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers to draw out excess moisture from the air, the walls, furniture, and carpets. If needed we also maintain heaters designed to dry out carpets without singeing the nap or damaging even a single fiber.

Once that is accomplished, our inspectors will look for further damage in the walls and trim of your home. They will also help you determine if your furniture can be restored, repaired or should be replaced.

If you are concerned about previous damage, or want to try and get ahead of the next rainstorm, call us today at (334) 273-0992 to set up an inspection. SERVPRO of Montgomery is locally owned, so your call is not just another job to us. We are ready to help.

Even Slight Flood Damage Can Cause Secondary Water Damage

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SERVPRO's Fast Water Extraction Mitigates Secondary Water Damage in Montgomery

Water Damage from Flooding Can Expand Without Treatment

There are many different projects that homeowners and landlords can do to save substantial amounts of money. There are a few that should be left in the care of expert professionals. One of these is flood damage. Flood damage, once it has begun to occur, escalates and spreads in extremely expensive ways. The longer you wait to clean up flood damage, or any water damage, the more expensive it becomes.

In Montgomery, flood damage creates risks such as secondary water damage that do-it-yourselfers accept, even if they don't want to, or realize they are doing so. Secondary water damage is multi-faceted and can affect almost every area of a home or business which has had water or flood intrusion. Secondary water damage includes mold growth, bacterial colonies, fungi, and other infectious pathogens developing, and also structural problems with decay and other changes to the materials used in the structural components of the home or building. Flood damage is much more hazardous that clean water from a leak within your home, to begin with, but both can create substantial amounts of secondary water damage.

In addition to the health risks posed by living pathogens such as mold and fungi growing and eventually releasing spores into the air you and your family breathe, structurally, your home or business can suffer, as well. Sewage backup is often a result of flooding.

Warping of hardwood flooring is a common occurrence, but the buckling and curving of stairwell treads can also happen. This deterioration can create a dangerous climb up the stairs, and can make coming downstairs especially perilous. Door frames can also crack, or swell causing the closing of doors, both interior and exterior, impossible, creating security risks for your family and your possessions. Cabinets can also become warped and panels can buckle and crack. Doors and drawers can swell, sealing them shut, or keeping them from closing correctly. Other flooring types commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, such as tile and linoleum, can lose their adhesive and mold can begin to grow on their undersides.

All of this is preventable when trained, and experienced professionals are employed to carry out IICRC approved measures to clean up flood damage. It only takes a tiny amount of leftover water to allow the problems above to develop, but SERVPRO Professionals have that training. Along with that, we have the equipment and the experience to deal with any level of contamination from flood water. To prevent secondary water damage, and to clean up current flood damage, call SERVPRO of Montgomery at (334) 273-0992, 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Storm Damage Affects Both Homes and Businesses

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Storm Damage Requires Professional Clean Up, SERVPRO is Ready

SERVPRO Professionals Have the Tools and Manpower to Clean Up Your Storm Damage

If you are a business or homeowner, you are most likely aware that damage to your investment can be a major setback financially. While it is not possible to control Mother Nature and her periodic outbursts, knowing the right way to repair and rebuild structures can reduce your losses by significant amounts. Cleaning up and repairing must be done correctly, or damages may remain, and subsequently become worse or lead to other problems.

You need a company of professionals with extensive experience in remediation and storm damage clean-up. At SERVPRO, we have you covered. We are available 24/7 in Lake Martin to wipe out the worst storm damage possible and help you regain your business's or home's pristine condition once again.
Storm Damage Affects Roofs, Sidings, and Other Structures

Because many businesses have flat roofs, shingles are not used as often as they are on the roofs of homes. Storms can still cause damage to the surface of a business's roof through hail and flying debris carried by heavy winds. Outside structures of wood can be ripped to shreds and splintered, and metal aspects of your home or business can become dented and twisted. Our team members and technicians are skilled in restoration and clean-up of all types of damage. Decorative side-shingles, signs, and other items can be made like new again.
Siding and garage doors made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood can be repaired and made like-new for you. Corners will be inspected to ensure that no interior damage exists, and sensors that measure humidity will be used to check your home's or business's interior to rule-out water and moisture. Windows, storm and screened doors, and decks and porches can be cleaned up and either reattached or strengthened. Our professionals have the various skills needed to do the work that storm damage clean-up often requires. We can ensure that each item is refitted to not only look good again but also to function as it should.
Expert Professionals Render Expert Results

If your home or business has suffered storm damage, call us at SERVPRO of Montgomery at (334) 273-0992. We will remove damaged materials so we can begin the rebuilding process, reducing your overall and long-term losses. We are available 24/7 and can quickly rebuild what was destroyed, so it is like it never even happened.

Storm Damage Can be Extensive

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Siding Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced To Prevent Secondary Water Damage

Fixing Your Home After a Storm is Easier With Professional Help

If your home has experienced a storm that was powerful enough to cause gusting winds, you should inspect your home's exterior for missing siding, corner pieces, and shingles. Shingles that are loose can pose hazards later, even in dry, sunny weather, if they fall to the ground. Shingles are very heavy and can cut someone. If a nail is still attached to the shingle, this can pose additional risks if someone steps on one that has fallen point-side upward.

While Halcyon homes are beautiful, this does not stop them from being subject to storm damage. Damage from storms can range from broken tree limbs scratching siding and breaking windows to entire trees falling on your home's or garage's roof. Carports are also damaged quite often and easily by strong winds, especially when heavy items are pushed into their support structures. Hail can also create damage to exterior furnishings such as lawn chairs and tables.

Restoration is not Easy, but it is Possible

If you have damage from a storm, it is imperative to begin restorative work and repairs immediately. Dented items such as metal table tops and outdoor grill covers can suffer from additional damage if left unrepaired. Painting such surface will keep rust and corrosion to a minimum.

We at SERVPRO can help you eliminate the damage from the storm, and recreate your personal paradise. Damage to your home's structure is also possible. Windows and doors that have been affected by the storm can be repaired and rehung. Appearance is as important as functionality, and we strive to make your disaster a distant memory as we work to make it like it never even happened, both inside and out.

Professional Crews are Available 24/7 to Begin and Complete the Work Needed

Call us at SERVPRO of Montgomery at (334) 273-0992 so we can inspect and assess the work needed to bring your home back to normal again. Our professionals are IICRC trained and certified in both large and small damaged areas, and collaborate to decrease the amount of time required to complete all needed repairs.