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Essential Safety Tips for Using Portable Generators in Montgomery, AL

5/30/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Generator Safety First: Always Operate Generators Outdoors to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When a severe storm hits Montgomery, AL, it's not uncommon for homes and businesses to lose power. Portable generators are a popular solution for maintaining electricity during outages, but they must be used safely to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some critical safety tips to keep in mind when operating a portable generator:

Keep Generators Outside and Away From Structures

Generators should always be operated outside and away from any buildings. Running a generator inside or in a partially enclosed space can lead to a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide—an odorless, colorless gas that can be lethal. Ensure that the generator is at least 15 feet away from open windows, doors, and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the building.

Maintain a Dry Environment

Always operate your generator in a dry area to prevent electrical hazards. Set it up under a canopy-like structure to protect it from rain, and make sure it rests on a dry surface to avoid any contact with water.

Disconnect the Main Power Source

Before you start your generator, disconnect it from your property’s main power source. This precaution helps prevent back-feeding, which can be dangerous to utility workers and neighbors served by the same utility transformer.

Ground Your Generator

Proper grounding is essential to avoid electrical shocks and electrocution. Make sure your generator is grounded according to OSHA guidelines to ensure safety.

Use Suitable Extension Cords

Connect appliances to the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords that can handle the appliance load. Avoid using indoor extension cords as they may not be robust enough to safely convey power from your generator.

Handle Fuel Safely

Turn off the generator and let it cool completely before refueling to reduce the risk of fire. Gasoline and other generator fuels should be stored and handled carefully to prevent spills and vapors from igniting.

Conclusion: By following these safety guidelines, you can safely enjoy the benefits of a portable generator without risking your safety or that of others. Remember, SERVPRO of Montgomery is here to help with any storm damage restoration needs, and for more detailed information on generator safety, visit

SERVPRO® National Accounts: Your Trusted Partner in Emergency Restoration 855-678-5465

4/19/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Semi Truck on site are night to a Large Loss Disaster SERVPRO semi-truck on-site overnight for a large loss disaster response.

At SERVPRO®, we understand that when disaster strikes, time is of the essence. That's why we're proud to offer comprehensive emergency response services tailored to meet your needs on three critical levels:

  1. Frequency Losses: With over 2,100 first responder locations nationwide, we're equipped to handle emergencies of all sizes, ensuring a rapid and effective response whenever you need us.
  2. Large Loss: Our large loss teams are prequalified to handle multi-million-dollar losses, providing the expertise and resources necessary to mitigate damage and restore your property swiftly.
  3. Catastrophic and Storm Events: In the face of catastrophic events and wide-scale storms, our prequalified storm teams are strategically located across the country, ready to deploy over 1,000 crews to affected areas at a moment's notice.

Ready, Faster, Proof: Our Key


• Ready: Through our Emergency Ready Program and 24/7 accessibility via our call center (1-855-678-5465), we ensure that help is always just a phone call away. You'll have a dedicated team solely focused on keeping your team consistently updated nationwide, regardless of location.

• Faster: With over 2,000 locations strategically positioned nationwide, SERVPRO can deliver solutions faster than ever before. Our restore-first approach focuses on mitigation and stabilization, reducing claims expenses, business interruption, and environmental impact while ensuring customer satisfaction.

• Proof: Our DryBook Documentation system provides real-time documentation of the drying process, validating work and reporting to all stakeholders. We adhere to IICRC standards and utilize proprietary DryBook software to ensure the highest quality of service.

Service Capability Overview

From fire, smoke, and soot damage to water removal, mold mitigation, and biohazard cleanup, SERVPRO offers a comprehensive range of restoration services to address your needs. Our cleaning services cover everything from air ducts and HVAC systems to carpets, upholstery, and hard floors, ensuring that your property is restored to its preloss condition quickly and efficiently.

Subcontractor/Franchise Relationship and Corporate Authority

Our Commercial Accounts Program Agreement (CAPA) sets strict qualifications for franchises, including background checks, insurance requirements, and commercial training certifications. This ensures consistent, quality services for our clients and their insured.

Project Management Controls

Every large loss project is assigned a designated project manager, and daily progress meetings are held with key stakeholders to review job costing paperwork and monitor progress in real time. Our web-based software provides a snapshot of job progress, costs, and estimated completion percentages.

Emergency READY Profile (ERP)

Our Emergency READY Profile is a critical component of any disaster preparedness plan, addressing incident response and disaster recovery. By providing essential facility details and establishing SERVPRO as your trusted restoration partner, the ERP ensures that you're ready to respond swiftly and effectively to any emergency.

Are You Ready?

Whether you're facing a routine frequency loss or a catastrophic storm event, SERVPRO is Here to Help®. Contact us today 855-678-5465 to learn more about our emergency restoration services and how we can assist you in preparing for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Cost and Need for Montgomery Mold Remediation | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

11/3/2023 (Permalink)

A person in a hazmat suit spraying a spray bottle SERVPRO® of Montgomery mold remediation technicians must wear protective equipment, including goggles and HAZMAT suits when dealing with mold.

SERVPRO® Offers a Cost Savings Approach to Mold Removal in Your Montgomery Home

There are advantages and disadvantages to professional Montgomery mold remediation and removal. The primary benefit is that it can restore your property to a safe and healthy condition. The prevention of mold proliferation will also protect building materials such as drywall, upholstered furniture, and clothing from being ruined. So, mold remediation is needed to contain, remove, and restore your residence to a safe haven for you and your family.

The main downside is that it can be costly. Because mold remediation is much more of an essential service than a choice, dealing with this expense frustrates some. This frustration and stress can be made easier with the help of a reliable and professional mold remediation team like SERVPRO® of Montgomery. In some cases (where the mold infestation is mild), it may be possible to remove it yourself. The general rule of thumb--under ten square feet of mold damage in an entirely accessible area--you can try yourself. However, if black mold is the culprit, it can be extremely stubborn to remove and toxic. Most fungi can give off allergens and irritants that affect many, but not all, individuals. Most molds are not readily eliminated, so you may want to consider handing over the job to a specially trained team.

The Cost of Mold Remediation Services

The cost of your treatment and restoration service depends entirely on how bad the problem has become. If it does turn out that you need to leave your home and stay elsewhere for your safety and convenience, the cost is likely to be quite high. The SERVPRO® mold remediation technicians must wear protective equipment when dealing with the mold, including goggles and HAZMAT suits (in severe cases) and utilize specific equipment for successful mold removal in Halcyon. Air scrubbers, ozone machines, and various foggers will be operated to eliminate mold colonies and most of the spores. Your HVAC system will be vacuumed and sanitized, then deodorized to remove any lingering musty odors.

Moving out of your home is understandably frustrating, but this is rarely needed. Nevertheless, it may mean that you have to pay for hotel rooms or temporary apartment fees. Make sure that you check your insurance first to determine whether you have coverage. You may be able to recoup some or all the costs, so it is worth talking to your insurance provider as soon as possible. Have your agent or adjuster coordinate an action plan with SERVPRO® to remove the mold infestation safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Ultimately, ignoring mold remediation services increases the risk of the problem evolving into related health effects.

SERVPRO® of Montgomery has the IICRC-trained crews, expertise, and industry-leading equipment and tools to deal safely with mold remediation in your Montgomery home. Your home will be restored to a safe environment "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Mold Remediation Specialists

SERVPRO® of Montgomery specializes in water and mold damage restoration, with advanced training in restoration techniques and the specialized equipment and experience to quickly restore your property in Montgomery, Halcyon, and Lake Martin. Call us 24/7 at (334) 273-0992.

Recovering Documents from Flood Damage | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/24/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Montgomery Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber Home and business owners benefit from SERVPRO® of Montgomery's storm related drying equipment.

A flooded storage area containing all of your relevant documents and invoices from purchases made throughout the year can leave you wondering what to do. It is important to have access to a company with the personnel and resources necessary to perform the services you need when you need them. We can assist you with drying water-damaged books and documents. However, you need to understand that some damages will remain regardless of the technique used in any document restoration process. It is not possible to fully restore paper products to their preloss condition. But that doesn't mean that they stay lost to you forever.

Our team, dispatched to downtown Montgomery's flood problems, specializes in flood damage restoration services, including document drying. It is of particular importance to contact us immediately when documents are involved. These items must be handled quickly and efficiently to minimize the extent of the damage that your documents suffer.

Once on your property, our SERVPRO of Montgomery technicians determine the best method for saving your wet books and papers. We'll need to have a clear line of communication with you throughout the entire process to make quick decisions to prevent further damage. While we cannot reverse any existing damage, we can save your valuable documents from total loss through various techniques.

Air-drying, dehumidification, freeze-drying, vacuum freeze-drying, and vacuum thermal drying are all used to save your belongings. Our document drying service relies on a process of sublimation, changing a solid into a vapor without allowing it to pass through a liquid state.

As your SERVPRO® of Montgomery technician works through the process, the appropriate method for document drying is determined by the materials' value, the type of water involved, the extent of damage, the time of exposure to moisture and the funds you have available for recovery. Each drying method has a different cost associated with the process; document restoration is expensive and time-consuming.

SERVPRO® of Montgomery stores your wet papers and books in a facility designed to stop the damage from continuing, allowing time to decide which drying procedure works for you. We take a complete inventory of any documents removed from your home and keep a log of stored items' locations within our facility. Giving us the ability to locate and retrieve a document quickly.

These services provide you with a way to save your essential papers and cherished books from total loss. But should only be considered if the items in question are irreplaceable due to the cost involved.

Find these services and more at SERVPRO® of Montgomery (334) 273-0992

The Most Common Causes of Commercial Fires | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/19/2023 (Permalink)

Remediation of a commercial building after a fire Fire damage remediation in process at a commercial building

Proper Training and Maintenance Can Help Prevent Workplace Fires

Unfortunately, commercial fire damage in Montgomery, AL and across the rest of the United States happens more frequently than you might think. While there are several reasons a fire may spark in a commercial building, some are much more common than others. Here’s a quick look at some of the more common causes. Human Error Many commercial fires can be attributed to human error and are not meant to be malicious. For example, spilling liquids on electrical equipment, leaving a coffee pot on, or burning food in the kitchen can easily cause a fire to break out. To decrease the chances of this happening in your commercial building, perform risk assessments to determine if any changes need to be implemented, provide proper staff training, and ensure fire extinguishers are easily accessible throughout the building. Negligence Negligence fires result from someone not following proper procedures and can usually be easily avoided by adequate staff training. For example, storing or mishandling flammable items or covering electrical equipment that must have air can result in a fire that causes significant commercial fire damageArson Unfortunately, arson is a frequent cause of commercial fires, particularly in industrial buildings and factories. Arson may be an act of vandalism, an attempt to collect insurance money or even the work of an unhappy employee. To minimize the damage associated with arson, you may want to consider installing an automatic sprinkler system. Faulty Wiring/ Electrics Electrical issues are another frequent cause of commercial fires. For example, outdated equipment, loose or frayed wires, and overloaded plugins can spark a fire with little to no advance warning. It is essential to ensure your electrical equipment, including boilers, water heaters, and furnaces, are in good working order and can handle their workload. To ensure your equipment/ appliances are functioning properly, you may want to invest in a portable appliance tester (PAT). As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO® of Montgomery is conveniently located to ensure a fast response to your commercial fire emergency. If you experience a commercial fire in Highland Park, Montgomery, Halcyon, or the surrounding areas, our trained technicians have the resources and tools to help. Call (334) 273-0992 today.

Five Categories of Fire Damage Restoration | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

6/19/2023 (Permalink)

Fire and water damage inside a home Fire damage restoration entails many tasks and services. Contact SERVPRO® of Montgomery should your home suffer fire damage.

Most Montgomery, AL house fires do not cause massive damage to the structure itself. Much of the time and money spent on restoration and remediation is to clean and preserve personal property.  

Our overall goal is to restore the home and its contents to their pre-damaged state and prevent any secondary damage where possible. To accomplish this, SERVPRO® of Montgomery divides fire damage restoration efforts into five categories.  

1. Mitigation Services: To secure the home and prevent additional damage, we wrap exposed pipes to avoid freezing and rusting and boarding up broken windows or doors the fire department had to force open to combat a fire. If needed, we can set up a temporary source of electricity and then install pumps to remove water and set up fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to begin reducing the humidity level to dry out the property and lower the chance of mold infestation.

2. Structural Cleaning Services: To remove smoke residues and odors from the house, we use a combination of dry and wet cleaning methods to remove residues, various cleaning agents, and ozone generators to destroy odor particles. If we determine that a section of the wall or a furnace is not restorable, we recommend replacement.

3. Replacement: We can do the work for minor items like hanging new drywall or installing a new appliance. For significant reconstruction, our team leaders recommend engaging a licensed general contractor. Replacement is part of our Reconstruction Services.

4. Contents Cleaning Services: Our technicians begin our Contents Cleaning Services to remove residues and odors from personal property. Where possible, we attempt to clean and restore items at home. For items with heavy residues, or if the structure is unsafe or cannot be secured, we take the property to our facility for cleaning.

5. Specialty Restoration Services: If an item is precious, it needs what we define as Specialty Restoration Services. That includes artwork and high-end electronic equipment. We have dry-cleaning in this category since we do not perform this type of restoration.

Even when a fire does minor structural damage, restoration work for your home requires a professional team. SERVPRO of Montgomery has returned area homes to their pre-fire condition for over two decades. Call today at (334) 273-0992 to schedule a visit from one of our inspectors. We are here for you.

The SERVPRO System Inspires Women and Minorities | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

5/30/2023 (Permalink)

JFC Luz Leon Guillen, judges in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition SERVPRO® of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville, JFC Luz Leon Guillen, judges in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition

In an unprecedented gesture, SERVPRO® of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville, has demonstrated its commitment to human rights by sponsoring its Venezuelan employee, JFC Luz Leon Guillen, to be a judge in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition organized by The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the American University Washington College of Law. The Competition is a trilingual moot court (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), based on the Inter-American system for the promotion and protection of human rights. This competition, the only one of its kind on the continent, brings together promising young people from different countries to debate and seek innovative solutions to human rights issues.

The competition, now in its 28th edition, was held from May 21- 27, 2023, on the Washington College of Law campus in Washington, D.C. The co-sponsor of this event, the Inter-American Court and Commission on Human Rights, underscore the relevance and prestige of the contest. These institutions are recognized worldwide for their work in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Americas.

The theme was focused on "Equality and Human Rights: Confronting Racial Discrimination," and as a judge, she was part of several 90-minute oral rounds in Washington DC, and she also evaluated written memorials. Her participation demonstrates your commitment to strengthening the inter-American human rights system and your support for the next generation of lawyers specialized in this field. Also, she shared learning spaces with noted jurists such as Margarette May, Commissioner and President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and H.E Alejandra Solano, Ambassador, and Permanent Representative to the OAS for the Republic of Costa Rica, among others.

The sponsorship of SERVPRO of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville for this event is not only financial support but also a strong message about the importance of supporting minorities in the reconstruction of fairer and more inclusive societies. By providing this opportunity to Luz Leon Guillen, the company has demonstrated its commitment to equal opportunities.

The SERVPRO system inspires women and minorities.

Should I be Concerned With Severe Weather? | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Storm clouds and lightening with servpro logo SERVPRO® of Montgomery is available for emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us anytime for your fire, water, and storm remediation needs!

There are plenty of things to be concerned with daily, and for many people, planning for severe weather ends up pushed to the sidelines. Though harsh weather conditions can feel like a more abstract concern than a literal one, it is still extremely dangerous.

Responsible for many injuries and fatalities each year, severe weather can cause serious issues—especially for those who have not taken the time to prepare.

Why Should I Be Concerned With Severe Weather?

Severe weather is certainly unpredictable, but it is also unavoidable. Chances are, you will be impacted by a thunderstorm, high winds, or heavy rains at some point, and not acting with safety in mind can put you or your family in harm’s way.

Severe weather causes many issues, from lightning strikes to wind damage and bodily harm. Trees down, power outages, and flooding can all be significant threats to your home or safety. Though we may never be able to know precisely when and where severe weather will strike, preparing for it is the best thing we can do.

How Can You Be Safer in the Event of Severe Weather?

Get a Reliable Weather Update System

If severe weather is possible, local officials will issue watches and warnings accordingly, and being able to tune into these alerts can potentially save a life. Instead of relying on a cell phone, get a battery or hand-powered weather radio so you can tune in even if cell reception becomes spotty due to storms.

Pack a Household Emergency Kit

An emergency kit in the home is a must, as storms can knock out power and floods can knock out utility services. Your kit should have everything your family might need for a few days, including light sources, food, water, and first-aid supplies.

Create an Evacuation Plan

In most instances, you will want to stay put in the event of severe weather—but if you are in the path of a flash flood, you will want to move to higher ground. Make sure you have an evacuation plan if this happens, and practice it as a family beforehand so you can execute it smoothly if you are in danger. Ask SERVPRO® how our Emergency Readiness Plans (ERP) can assist your home or business in a time of weather crisis.

If your home has water damage due to a storm or severe weather, SERVPRO® of Montgomery is Here to help®. You can contact us at 334.284.1612 to learn more about our restoration services or report damage to your home. 

Hurricane Facts and the Dangers They Present | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

picture of a hurricane over the gulf and the southeast states with Servpro logo The aftermath of a hurricane can be destructive and devastating. SERVPRO® of Montgomery is here to help ® with any storm cleanup and restoration.

Hurricanes are among nature's most powerful and destructive phenomena. On average, 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes, form over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico each year. 

The word "hurricane" comes from Huracan, a name for the god of evil on some islands in the Caribbean. Never fear, though; SERVPRO® of Montgomery is here to educate you about hurricane facts and storm dangers. 

Hurricanes are damaging in many ways. On average, hurricanes will travel about 300 miles before dissipating, leaving behind a path of destruction. They can even dump 10 to 15 inches of rain on the areas they pass over, causing mass flooding and water damage. 

We often see news coverage of physical damage and displaced families. Sadly sometimes, we also see reports of injuries and casualties. Hurricanes have caused approximately 1.9 million fatalities worldwide over the past 200 years. Ninety percent of hurricane-related deaths result from storm surges, reaching over 20 feet high and extending nearly one hundred miles. Hurricanes cause more fatalities than any other type of storm.

However, when the news coverage ends, a looming uncertainty and the reality of rebuilding your future remains. 

The frequency of extreme weather events is taking its toll on many areas and industries across the nation, and Alabama is no exception. Our state alone has suffered from 83 tropical storms and cyclones in the last 20 years. We have also experienced three significant hurricanes that directly hit our coast.

While hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and depressions also can be devastating. Storm surges, inland flooding from heavy rains, destructive winds, tornadoes, and high rip currents can be primary hazards.

Storm Dangers To Be Aware Of: 

  • Storm surges are historically the leading cause of hurricane-related deaths in the United States.
  •  Storm surges can travel inland, especially along bays, rivers, and estuaries. 
  •  Flooding from heavy rains is the second leading cause of fatalities from landfalling tropical cyclones. Flooding can persist for days after a storm has dissipated. 
  • High winds can destroy buildings and manufactured homes. Signs, roofing material, and other items left outside can become flying missiles during storms. 
  • Tornadoes can accompany landfalling tropical cyclones. These tornadoes typically occur in rain bands far from the storm's center. 

Hurricane Facts: 

  • Hurricanes in the Southern Hemisphere spin clockwise while hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere turn counterclockwise.
  • The right side of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere is often more assertive regarding winds, tornadoes, and supercells. 
  • A hurricane makes "landfall" when its center, not its edge, crosses the coastline. 
  • Hurricanes never combine to form one stronger storm. However, the storms may circle each other, known as the Fujiwhara effect. 
  • Hurricane names come from the World Meteorological Organization. Each list repeats every 7th year. However, officials will retire names of hurricanes that have caused many damages or fatalities.
  • The costliest hurricane worldwide is believed to be Hurricane Katrina, with overall damage estimated at over one hundred and fifty billion dollars. 
  • Hurricanes typically last around ten days but can stay alive for several weeks.

Although hurricanes can cause terrible damage, they are essential to Earth's complicated weather system. Like giant fans, they take hot air from the tropics and move it toward the poles. They help balance temperatures and moisture around the Earth. Without hurricanes and other storms, vast areas of the planet would be too hot for animal and human life. 

Dangerous waves produced by a tropical cyclone's strong winds can pose a significant hazard. These waves can cause deadly rip currents, significant beach erosion, and damage to structures along the coastline, even when the storm is more than 1,000 miles offshore. 

If your home or business should sustain water damage from storms or floods, SERVPRO has local technicians on standby 24/7 for emergencies and is ready to handle your restoration needs. Click or call today to find out how we can help when disaster strikes. 

Restoration Services at First Baptist Church of Downtown Montgomery is ALMOST Complete! | SERVPRO® of Montgomery

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

multiple rooms in local church with Servpro logo “SERVPRO® of Montgomery knows what it means to have a disaster strike. We also know what it takes to fully restore your home or business."

After 309 days, SERVPRO® and the First Baptist Church of Downtown Montgomery are racing toward the finish line! Our teams have become one family, working together to make the terrible fire in early October of 2021 “Like it never even happened®”. 

We want to give you a quick update on the status of the Church as well as a little sneak peek at when we estimate the restoration will be complete. 

Since our last update, we have completed all carpets in the Main Sanctuary, the pews are replaced and secured, and we have completed the ceilings! All the walls have fresh paint, handrails are screwed tight, and the stairs are now in use. The only thing that remains is the lighting for the stage, cleaning the organ pipes, and resetting the choir loft. 

The grand piano initially taken out of the Church is being carefully brought back into the building and secured into its place. 

Fun fact! Did you know that over two hundred lightbulbs had to be replaced in the Main Sanctuary? Soot covered every light on the high ceilings, under the entrance, the balconies, AND the stage! 

The congregation will finally have their first morning of worship back in their Main Sanctuary on July 24th! Everyone is excited to be returning to one, big worship service. 

Our crews geared up and began restoration work in the Stakely Sanctuary yesterday. Monday, July 18th. We are removing pews, replacing carpeting, restoring the plaster, and replacing the stage floor. We are so excited to move on to this next phase of restoration! 

SERVPRO® Construction Managers estimate it will take approximately three to four weeks to restore the Stakely Sanctuary. From there, we will move on to the six elevators replacing the carpets with wood. The fellowship hall will have the carpet replaced as well. 

As of right now, SERVPRO® and First Baptist Church of Downtown Montgomery are projecting early fall for the completion of this project. Our crews have worked tirelessly to fully restore this Church for nearly a year since the fire damage occurred. 

With over 350,000 square feet of flooring affected, and soot taking over every surface in the building, we finally have an end in sight! This job will be bittersweet as we will miss our First Baptist Family. 

Stay tuned for another update coming soon! 

If you find yourself in need of fire or water restoration services, SERVPRO® of Montgomery is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at 334.284.1612 to see how we can help you.